Guys and gals and those in the Teen Wolf fandom….
Deputy Parrish sparked enough interest to be Searched in IMdB….
IMdB did not let me down:)

I present to you: Ryan Kelley

Hmmm….ok ok I see it now…but he needs cooler hair, like a mohawk.

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Hmm, interesting!

what’s YOUR name mean?


"I need more sexy, shirtless Oliver and Diggle on my dash, please! Now, please. Thanks!"

- Everyone with eyes
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$91k?!? GREAT, DUDE! You rock!

And episode 3x01 is done? Ya know what that mean?! COMIC CON CLIPS!!!

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Derek is having way too much fun watching Scott deal with being a “daddy wolf”!

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So not only did Teen Wolf introduce another gay character without any fanfare or issue, but they put a female on an all male lacrosse team and no one thought it was a big deal or made any sexist remarks (because Kira is a BAMF).

4 for you Teen Wolf, 4 for you

Hazaah! Bravo! Woohoo! Ditto!

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Does anybody want to talk about what went down tonight?


Derek acting like a proud Papa was so freaking cute but they just had to kill the moment with him losing his powers and the way he said it broke my heart.

Lydia calling Meredith was so fucking great because we got to see the extend of her powers.

I’m over these 15 years old killer.Did she really…

This episode felt more like the first season than all of the third season!
And I agree with all ya just said!

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I REPEAT the third code is going to be stiles…but they are going to use his real name! LOGIC BOMB

Wtf?! That would be so cool!

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I love Coach! He’s the only thing that grounds the silly awesomeness of teen drama that is Teen Wolf!

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