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Thank you, random guy in the audience! 

- From all of us Oliciters.


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continued from here.

Perhaps the last of the odd circle of friends to get a clue, was, oddly, their smartest friend.

Felicity Smoak had been in a state of tension and confusion following the Slade thing. The little chat she and Oliver had had on the beach only confused her emotions further.

So, yes, a few weeks later, Oliver was standing super close and seemed to be touching her a lot more. And yes, she caught him watching her with a silly small smile on his lips more than once. And YES, he seemed to be acting extra nice to her.

But Oliver did weird stuff like that! Felicity had decided long ago that she wouldn’t ever figure out how his mind worked.

So, ok, maybe she should have figured it out when she finally turned to face him during one of his “invasion of personal space” moments. Turned and found his lips right there. His lips there and not moving away. In fact, they seemed to be approaching HER lips.

And when she wrapped her arms around his neck? And when he hoisted her out of her seat and forced her to wrap her legs around his waist? When they bumped against a wall and he moaned her name into her mouth?

Yeah…she probably should have figure out something had changed in their relationship.

But she was still in “it’s all an act” mode. And she had never been excellent at believing good things happened to her. So, really, who could blame her for doubting?! (This and more was all ranted in one breath to a biting-her-lip-to-keep-from-laughing-Sara after Sara had figured it out.)

Not until Sara had calmed her down and made her examine the evidence, did Felicity’s lightbulb click on.

And definitely—the thing that truly had Felicity Smoak figuring out she was dating Oliver Queen—was when Diggle put his foot down one evening and made the younger man ask and take Felicity out to dinner.

"You both can’t just be making out in here, all the time! We got things to do, man! And that girl DESERVES a real, honest-to-God, red wine filled dinner date."

Felicity had blushed, Oliver had tried to look ashamed but was smiling, and Diggle mumbled something about idiots and secrets and just walked away.


So, finally, years in the making, Oliver and Felicity were officially an item. Well, to their friends. The public could wait longer.

"Hey!" Roy shouted one day in the middle of sparring. "We got ‘Team Arrow’. So, what’d’ya should we call this ‘ship, anyway?!"

Oliver promptly knocked him out.


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Out captain is such a dork! Luv ‘im anyway….Or because…

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God they can be hilarious.

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a tiny crossbow and Katrina Law… you have no idea how happy this video makes me [x]

Oh can’t you just see her shooting Stephen, Colton, or David in the butt during one of their scenes and then hiding or running away before they can figure it out?!
OH OH, OR John Barrowman steals it from her and goes on a rampage!

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Jensen while Jared talks about how quickly his Twitter feed updates [x]

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"Ugh. Wishing, once again, that the iPhone tumblr app allowed me to block certain keywords/tags from my dash."

- Me, that’s who, you bleeps